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Wrinkles and fine lines are a fact of aging, but you can delay their development and ease their appearance with simple radiofrequency energy treatments offered at Miami Center for Holistic Healing in Miami, Florida. Under the direction of Nancy Eklund, MD, they offer TempSure Envi® treatments that reveal smoother, tighter skin. Learn more about TempSure Envi and how this noninvasive therapy can help you by calling the office or scheduling a consult online.

Wrinkles Q & A

How does TempSure Envi resolve wrinkles?

TempSure Envi is a radiofrequency treatment that minimizes facial lines and wrinkles. It uses heat energy to penetrate the outer layer of your skin to tighten soft tissues and spur them to produce more collagen, a tissue-strengthening compound that your body usually produces naturally. TempSure Envi energy also remodels existing collagen so you achieve a smoother, tighter complexion.

TempSure Envi is special as it features a built-in temperature control to help you stay comfortable as it works efficiently. As a result, you receive greater power with fewer side effects – meaning better results.

Should I consider TempSure wrinkle-reducing treatments?

Men and women bothered by the appearance of mild-to-moderate wrinkles and lines benefit from TempSure Envi treatments. You also get a firming effect for sagging skin at the jaw, cheeks, and neck. The treatment is appropriate for all skin types.

Do TempSure Envi wrinkle-reducing treatments hurt?

TempSure Envi treatments don’t cause pain or discomfort. Most patients tolerate the sessions well and don’t require anesthesia or anesthetics. During the session, you feel as if you’re having a relaxing hot stone massage.

How many treatment sessions will I need to see a reduction in wrinkles?

The team customizes a plan for you based on the depth and extent of your wrinkles and your aesthetic goals. Most people see significant changes after 3-5 treatments spaced about one month apart.

Do I need to schedule downtime following TempSure Envi treatments?

TempSure Envi radiofrequency treatments are noninvasive and require no downtime. You may have a little redness for a day or two after your treatment, but it’s mild and resolves on its own. You can go back to all your daily activities after a session.

How long does it take to see the results of TempSure Envi treatments?

Right after a treatment, you can see a brighter, more glowy appearance to your complexion. The full results show up in 4-6 weeks following treatment. Results take time because your body must remodel and develop collagen to reduce the look of your wrinkles.

If you’re looking for a smoother, more youthful complexion, call The Miami Center for Holistic Healing or schedule a consultation online to learn about TempSure Envi treatments.